New Media Advertising Platform

Creates Buying Power, which lowers the cost for small businesses and consumers. And Advertising revenue is shared with the consumer as cash back rewards.

   Retail & Restaurants

@ NO Charge ((Create your Catalog of In-Store Products on SheSaidPics))
No Cost to setup and once a month SheSaidPics page edit... Visual merchandising the in-store inventory in a three-tier page layout. The page consist of images and list of in-store items and links to media articles pertaining to the items posted on the page. The in-store items have multiple choices to be marketed to the customers.
  • An image can be posted with links to enlarge pictures; Visual Merchandising
  • An image can be posted with links to open popup box eCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Static list (Brands, Color, Sizes & Price)
  • Text list with links to open popup box to marketing images with info: Brands, Color, Sizes & Price or eCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Text list with links to open popup box to eCommerce Shopping Cart

   Manufacturers / Designers

@ NO Charge ((Create your Catalog of Products on SheSaidPics))
Create a Catalog of Marketing Images to share with the Retail stores that carry your Brand. A SheSaidPics Directory will be set up exclusively for your Brand with the ability to upload images with a product identification numbers. The ID# will allow the retailers to cross reference their inventory for available marketing images or campaigns. Our customer service will work with your Brand to create a three-tier SheSaidPics page layout. The page will be a Visual merchandising of the New Season's Collection with the rate & review program for market analysis.

   Ad Agency

@ Pay-Per-Transaction Fee
The SheSaidPics business model is built around customer interaction with three resources to accomplish the goal.
    Ad Campaigns -
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Promotions
  • eCommerce
Businesses with a SheSaidPics are not obligated to participate in the Ad Campaigns. The Ad Campaigns are all designed to show a lasting effect to the consumer past the date of purchase.

   Central Buying

@ No Cost for Pricing :-: Posted Price = Buy Now or Decline
    BUY CLOUT = Volume Sales Rule Price Negotiation
  • Consumer = Contractors Pricing for Home Remodeling Materials
  • Retail = Consolidating P.O. to Lower Pricing
Central Buying is built from volume sales rule price negotiation, which improves the profit margins for the manufacturers and retailers. The manufacturers / designers have greater insight with production orders. And locally retailer will then have an advantage to compete with the Big Box Stores.

   Broker Agency

@ 5% or 10% Sales Commissions
The Broker Agency is lead by the market analysis, which is the consumers opinions of each item. This will lead to increasing productions orders on the highly desired items by the consumers. Which SheSaidPics will market these items to the retail buyers. Plus we will create eCommerce Sales campaigns for these items to sale direct to the customer and pickup via the retail locations.


  • Cash Back Rewards
  • Loyalty Rewards Incentives
  • Raising Funds for Charitable Organizations
.25$ cents of each SheSaidPics Branded Debit Card transaction goes to Food Banks; specifically "food 4 kids"

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