Full Circle Marketing "good 4 everyone!"

Marketing by the physics theory of perpetual motion, for every action there is a reaction

Full Circle Marketing

The Ad Campaign slogan is "good 4 everyone! The business model is from physics theory perpetual motion, for every action there is a reaction. This is true with in the works of the SheSaidPics staff and even branches out to the interactions with the Manufacturers, Designers, Retailers and Customer.

"SheSaidPics" the Marketing Focal Point

    Manufacturers / Designers
  • Visual Merchandising - File Storage of Marketing Images
  • Market Analysis - Media platform to capture the consumers opinion of the New Collections
  • Ad Campaigns - Share Ad Campaigns and Images with Retailers
  • Visual Merchandising - Showcase in-store inventory
  • Loyalty Rewards & Ad Campaigns - Interaction with their customer base
  • eCommerce - marketing by sharing on their Social Media accounts
  • Call Center - Customer Service
  • Lower Pricing
  • Visual Merchandising of inventory available in the marketplace
  • Locate items in-style or trending
    SheSaidPics Marketing Staff
  • Call Center
  • Salesforce
  • College Interns
  • Social Media - Twitter & Facebook are the main advertising platorms used by SheSaidPics. Plus all cliental (Manufacturers, Designers & Retailers) will be marketing links back to SheSaidPics on their accounts.
    Call Center - Best Online Customer Service
  • Buy Clout - The uniqueness of "Buy Clout" opens communications with the Manufacturers, Designers, Retailers and Consumers
  • Salesforce
  • Customer Service - Q&A system to assist the consumers with product information, evaluations
    Marketing with Blogs and Websites
  • Affiliated Marketing - paying sales commission to Blogs, Magazines and Websites for links that generate a sale
  • a. Buy Clout
    b. eCommerce
    Marketing by building a connection with the Customers

    Shared Advertising Revenue

  • Debit Card
  • 1. Tracking Device - resource to pay the consumer their share of the earned Advertising Revenue
    2. Debit / Credit Customers Account
    3. Raise funds for charitable Causes
  • QR Code
  • 1. Transfer data via the Mobile Phone to the customer's SheSaidPics account
  • Charitable Contributions
  • 1. Marketing of the SheSaidPics Branded Debit Card, which donates per transactions
    2. PR promotions working with food banks
    3. PR with traditional media with do good stories, which local media news stations will cover. This has potential to gain coverage from the national networks morning talk shows.
    Marketing with Traditional Media
  • Co-Op Purchase Traditional Media
  • a. Local events participation with local traditional media

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are the main source of advertisement. SheSaidPics is a social media platform with customer interactive tools. As the name states, She Said is about what women are talking about a trend or product in the market. Our sales staff main duties will be conduct conversations with people on the internet about a Brand or Business, which they represent.

A key aspect to our business model is hiring college interns with a PR or journalism major. The goal is to have interns from 50 of the major colleges across the US, carrying on target marketed conversations on the social media.

Co-Op Advertising

The Co-Op operates by consolidating revenue from multiple locally owned businesses and buying traditional and new media. The media advertising can be on the national level, but as important, buy local media advertising with in cities represented on SheSaidPics. The amount of funds spent with in each city will be determined by a calculation of the the Ad revenue generated with in the group of businesses represented in the city.

SheSaid Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate Marketing offers SheSaidPics national ad exposure through blogs and websites. These ads are funded by sharing eCommerce revenue with a few major affiliate networks. They handle the marketing images for posting and track the IP addresses, which generate traffic and sales on SheSaidPics. Revenues are paid to the blogs and websites by the affiliate networks.

SheSaid Debit Card

This is about building the greatest cash back rewards program with the ability to combine credit card interchange fees and our advertisement revenue. The benefits offer the customers a better rewards program and to do GOOD by feeding the hungry.

Charitable Causes - MISSION

SheSaidPics will be donating a portion of the Advertising Revenue to Food Banks across the country. The main focus is organization that help feed the hungry children. With fifty-one million people living in poverty in the US, there are many mouths needing to be feed.

For Additional Information Contact:

John Calkins
Tel: 918 829-0180
Email: john@shesaidpics.com